To stop the Devastation around the world because of the building design practices is my Mission! For the true way for Preservation to be workable, is to stop the Devastation we create through these practices. Case in point, the antonym of Devastation is Preservation! Stop the Devastation of our communities and start Preserving them, Build to Flow with Nature not Resist "IT"!

To be or not to be

To be or not to be
Again & again

Friday, May 1, 2015

Equal and Unalienable Natural Rights means WHAT? And how does it pertains to the ICB & NDEH Codes

Let me open by saying, “The world, the land beneath our feet, cannot belong to any one person or corporation. How can we claim ownership to what we owe our living breath to, that we look to feed and nourish our body and soul, that does not need us to live, yet without our Planet and what if supplies we are nothing.” The Earth our Planet is by all rights the MOTHER of the Human Race.
As these words echo with in one’s mind, looking around, it seems as far as the eyes can see all whom were entrusted as Stewards of OUR beautiful planet we inhabit chose only to rape the land, poison the water, cut down the vegetation, and to needlessly kill the creatures & indigenous who’s only goal is to be obedient to the MOTHER (Earth) to please the FATHER/CREATOR.  At the same time, the civilized society in the name of the FATHER/CREATOR, kill what was created & entrusted to us with our lives all in the name of the FATHER/CREATOR and Profit (In more ways than one). Each calls out a different NAME. Yet it always remains the same, death, decay, destruction, and disrespect of every living thing in their path, even one another. All in the Name of the Father/Creator one destroys every unique and beautiful thing that was created. Truly we cannot continue in this manner, wrath or no wrath, our lives hang in the balance.
Seeing the people walk united yet the nation and the world is divided we see no progress.
Can we not unite the nation and the world’s people under the “Flag of Stewardship” and our “Inherent Natural Rights” to live with Sovereignty, Sustainability, and Unconditional Understanding and Respect?
Our Inherent Natural Rights are Basic Rights, and when you couple it with the Rights to life, land, liberty, property, prosperity, sovereignty, and happiness you have the truth of what FREEWILL means.

In earlier statements I have purposed “The Inherent Constitutional Building (ICB Code)” and its sub code, “Natural Disaster Environmental History Code (NDEH Code)”. After years researching Building Codes, History and Law to answer the question “Why our homes were no longer our shelters?” the answer to the question became BIGGER than the question. Building code reform became so much more then I had projected and encompassed more than intended.
 So before we go any further in regards to Building Code Reform let us understand what it encompasses and how they apply to the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and Everything Manmade, (Not just Structural Building Codes).
Truly if one creates something that cannot be safely returned back in to nature or recycled it is “Illegal and a danger to one’s “Inherent and Sovereign Rights”

What falls under the ICB and NDEH Code’s and why,
There is no need for an EPA or any sequestering if it is deemed a Violation of our “Natural Inherent Rights”, supersedes in any way our “Sovereignty” (FEMA, UN, Marshal Law, National Guard), removes our right to Pure and Clean food and water from our own “Right to Land & Property”, and without no fault of one’s own actions, be born of Toxins with disability, never to have the rights to “Property & Happiness”
So the ICB and NDEH Code’s cover all regulations dealing with the following, for all can hinder “Equal and Unalienable Natural Rights”:

1. Ecological, any product or byproduct that disrupts the natural order or contaminates a living organism, before, during and after production, construction, extraction, or destruction can and will endanger our Inherent Natural rights,

a. Synthetic Chemical Toxins poisons the air, water, soil, and living creatures and organisms  
b. Mining/extraction/use of Uranium poisons the air, water, soil, and living creatures and organisms
c. Smoke Stack poisons the air, water, soil, and living creatures and organisms
d. Oil/ Gas Drilling poisons the air, water, soil, and living creatures and organisms
e. Fracking poisons the air, water, soil, and living creatures and organisms
f. Synthetic Chemical Drugs poison the air, water, soil, and living creatures and organisms (for it enters the community’s water table through human waste)
g. GMO’s first and foremost are KILLING organic seeds through cross pollination (Only to have the Organic farmer be sued for his crop being taunted by GMO flowers.), poisons the air, water, soil, and living creatures and organisms
h. Runoff, Slug, Waste Water poisons the air, water, soil, and living creatures and organisms
i. Current Mining practices poison the air, water, soil, and living creatures and organisms
j. FDA (Artificial anything, Non Organics, Drugs, synthetics, GMO’s) have become no more than “The Snake Oil Man” which in the last 60 years allowed us to go from a 90% organic foods/medicine to only 10% organic and it cost 75% more. (Truly why are we suing all these individual companies when the common denominator is the FDA?)
k. Mineral and water rights to one’s own land should ALLWAYS BE ONE’S RIGHT (Who wants to buy the topsoil)
l. Construction carbon emissions from the board up/tear down/rebuild mentalities

      2. Environmental, BLM-Bureau of Land Management (Public LAND, Land of the PEOPLE), and privately owned land and or residency, any body of water, and the air we breathe.
a. Most present day Dams impede natures natural flow and the life it brings to the surrounding forest, (we have seen forest dying do to the lack of salmon being able to migrate and die in the lakes and streams)
b. Synthetic Chemical Toxins like fire retardant can be found in evert live creature and organism even as far north as North pole in the flush of Orcas, (ever plush toy and 90% of anything made of cloth has fire retardant embedded within)
c. The mining/extraction/use of Uranium is by all rights ageist the Natural Order (Maine Yankee 1 inch from meltdown in 1990, Hanford, Trinoble, and Fukushima are clear proof)
d. Over packaging coupled with our Dollar Store arrogance creates 55% of our garbage, waste vital resources
e. Fracking/Oil/Natural Gas Drilling and Pipelines encumber public and privately owned lands.
f. Logging for farm lands to feed a city built now on farm land is costing us more the clean air, undiscovered herbs/medicines/cures and never seen life forms it also cost us our future existence and our endangered Indigenous follow earthlings
g. Synthetic Chemical Drugs Side effect cause more harm than good to the people that take them and leak into the surrounding ground and water table.
h. GMO’s as with Uranium is by all rights ageist the Natural Order
i. Runoff, Slug, Waste Water
j. Current Mining practices leave the surrounding community and lands unapproachable and kill off the families it employs
k. EPA like the FDA is and was entrusted with our live and are the common thread to ALL our sickness/decay/death, for they would rather except cash for a crime that should be life imprisonment and a turnover of the company and all assets to the community it has disrupted
l. All Building Codes, carbon emissions from the board up/tear down/rebuild mentalities
l. Structural & Product, Building Materials, (That after a Natural disaster would create an ECO disaster or taint the environment or before, during and after production, construction, extraction, or destruction will harm the environment.)

3. Economical, one’s right to prosper, have access to food and water without being forced to pay for it for you are able to provide from your OWN LAND (water, food and mineral rights), and the right as a community to be an “Independent Provider” for one’s owns community without a Corporation Monopolies killing it’s “MOM & POP” shop.
a. Privatizing Public/Natural Resources
b. Corporation’s rights over the common citizen
c. Corporation’s power over Public land and Resources
d. BLM Lands/Public parks and land is under the jurisdiction of the people not the highest bidder or to be privatized for none public use.
e. Schools privatization only bring more burden to the taxpayer
f. Tariffs and outsourced jobs is killing domestic income, worker and union right
g. Slums/project housing
h. When FEMA/Red Cross/National Guard come to town there is a good bet your local economy is endanger and you’re Sovereign Rights.
i. USDA/FDA/EPA with all the payoff/buyout/fines paid still unaffectedly protect our lives and investments
j. SSI/Public Assistance entraps/degrade/and remove the community from the community (A person on SSI even though they can VOTE yet have no rights to prosper from that vote and in many cases force the individual to sell any and everything they have that may be construed as an asset (even Hobbies are under their scrutiny), where we should give all on aid over a year “Free patient searches and credit/business Counseling.”
k. Prison life is no life and does not serve the community at present day, Throughout history it has been proven time and again that remove the men from the community and it will fall.
l. Public Utilities should be Public not PRIVET or GOVERNMENT owned, if the community owned a Self-sufficient Structures would they need outward utilities that litter our environment and destroys the view of the land (Tourism Loss)
m. Building Codes
n. Domestic Jobs/Outsourcing
Note: All of this cost the Ruling Bodies and their people trillions of dollars a year when you take in to account Insurance cost across the board, whole communities being whipped off the face of the Earth, promissory notes ill conserved, taxes across the board to maintain a failing infrastructure, Local/State/Federal Litigation and Legislation time/cost better spent elsewhere, economical resources and more.  Inclosing, what good is it being a ruler if you have no one to rule or you have poisoned the hand that feeds you, truly we all must think start living for tomorrow and STOP living for today.

These list can vary easily be expanded on when considering your right to life, free of encumbrance from a Government, Religion, Privet Person, or Corporation, which is your “Inherent Natural Rights” to do so.
It is this writer’s opinion that the only LAWS that were to be WRITTEN, were one’s that protect you and your “Inherent Natural Rights” not regulate you and your way of life. I ask you how does ones rights to gather, get married, or be homeless, supersede our right to water from our own land, natural organic foods, and clean air & water.
People gathering to be heard, folks wanting to devote their lives to each other, and being down on your luck cannot endanger someone’s rights to “Life, land, liberty, property, prosperity, sovereignty, and happiness?” and therefore should not be considered law or against any law. Yet, to buy land and have no rights to what’s beneath your feet, to be force to buy from markets that sells food and drink with no true nourishment, and to have a child born Disabled through no fault of their own but due to the contaminated environment he or she was born in to is OKAY!
I say “NO”, as one thriving to be a “World Peoples Advocate and Ambassador of the Earth” I say “NO” again. For the United States, the people’s power (rule) stated shifting in 1793 at the hands of John Q. Adams (or for others it started when the Wig-Heads started backing the war after the “Townshend Act/Tea tax” of 1776, when the true upraise stared in 1733 with the “Molasses Act”). John Q. Adams argued and won a case in Georgia (Chisholm v. Georgia) that would close the Federal Courts (Protection) to suits instituted against a state by citizens of a foreign state. This one case also gave birth to the 11th Amendment and the Neutrality Act. It was once said our Government main charge is “To protect and maintain individual rights” our “Inherent Natural Rights”

If all are to possess “Equal and Unalienable Natural Rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” then how can a Government or Religion allow GMO’s, the mining/extraction/use of Uranium, fracking/drilling in open water/strip mining, the making of plastics/synthetics, the sale/privatization of public land and resources, reverse government mortgages (For the government cannot own no land within the US boards that why they have Washington DC), or allow a corporation to have more rights then community it resides in or our living, breathing planet. As a thriving World Peoples Advocate and Ambassador of the Earth I believe we can bring this Downward Spiral to a halt, it would take Radical Code changes not laws and the overture of other laws that have removed our Equal and Unalienable Natural Rights, among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.