To stop the Devastation around the world because of the building design practices is my Mission! For the true way for Preservation to be workable, is to stop the Devastation we create through these practices. Case in point, the antonym of Devastation is Preservation! Stop the Devastation of our communities and start Preserving them, Build to Flow with Nature not Resist "IT"!

To be or not to be

To be or not to be
Again & again

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2010 is Deadly, Haiti, Chile, Turkey, earthquake and China drought/dust storms, Uganda landslide, Salang avalanches,Pakistan floods and the list goes on.

The death toll is still rising, communities obliterated, even more displaced lives, local natural resources tainted, bio-hazard created, wildlife devastation. Where are the stewards of our great land, our planet, of Mother Earth? We need to make building code change worldwide now! The Natural Disaster Environmental History (N.D.E.H.) of a region must be taken into account before one builds anew. That is why I am proposing a New Building Code for the International Building Codes (IBC) called the Natural Disaster Environmental History Code (N.D.E.H.C.).

The Natural Disaster Environmental History Code (N.D.E.H.C.) would state;

General. This code is to apply to all Structural Engineering Design Provisions and all materials there in. As well as the exterior materials, window, doors, et cetera.

Definition. Natural disasters are natural, they have been happening for millions of years. When designing, the natural disaster history of the region for where the structure is to be built is relative and must be taken in to account before a new structure is built. Meaning, any new structure regardless of use is to meet this code.

Reasoning. Nature cannot flow around a flat surface. A square is not wind, water, fire, or earth dynamic. A square structure impends the flow of nature and therefore will succumb to its fury. Where as spheres, cylinders, pyramids, eggs, cones, shells, and teardrop structures in nature and in modern society, allows nature and its fury to flow around, over, under or though, with no real resists.

Design. With natural disasters such as, flash floods, mud slides, wildfires, tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes bearing down on us we need to build to flow with nature like other living species on this earth have learned to do. Thereby, the structure is design to flow with nature not to resist it. Wind, water, mud, fire must be able to flow under, over and around the structure without hindering its flow. Cities and towns must be designed to allow water, wind, fire and magma to flow under, over or around it. None shall impend the natural flow of nature.

Concept. Build to flow with nature not to resist it, for to resist nature is to oppose nature. Moreover, to oppose nature is to be in conflict with nature. To be in conflict with nature is same as to be at war with nature. A building or any other structure should be designed to flow with nature not to resist nature, if not all you have is a war shelter for nature never sleeps and thereby is always at war.

War is not an option when the human race and all life on earth is concerned. We have all the technology to go to the moon, send probes deep in to space, build guided missiles, and un-manned drowns to kill but we can’t even mandate new codes for tornado alley? Why is it that a leader can mandate some things but others are forever lost in the bureaucratic red tape? If it was mandated that all new construction of any type of structure comply with the Natural Disaster Environmental History Code (N.D.E.H.C.), the obliteration of communities, it’s people and the environment that encompasses it, would become but a trickle, compared to the floodgates opened wide right now and for the last 30 odd years! The International Building Codes (IBC), by passing this new code restriction, would find even a larger roll in the “Sustainability / Build Green” movement in our world and at the same time save lives.

If I could do anything to help our world, it would be to bring this building code change. Yes, I would love to use this site to promote building design ideas but that is not why I started this site! It is and always will be to save live, land, and our natural resources through building code improvement. The only way that change can be accomplished is to distinguish the natural disaster environmental history for the region one is to build. This information is readily available to any who seek it right on the net. The world and it’s inhabitance can not afford to wait.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Must one weep each day they gaze upon this earth and observe the unwanted death and destruction? Death and destruction that can be prevented through Building Code change worldwide. If we the designers, investors, builders, and citizens start our own movement, stop building to RESIST nature, and started building to FLOW with nature, we could save our own lives, the life of our community, in addition to the world’s depleting natural resources.

It seems every news show and paper one view’s these last few years mentions a natural disaster. A week does not pass without Wildfires, Oil spills, Tornadoes, Tsunami’s, Earthquakes, Volcanic activity, Flash flooding, Cyclone’s, Sandstorms, and Title waves been an issue of humanitarian efforts.

Have you asked yourself how many people around the world, die, each year do to these Natural Disaster Phenomenon’s? This year alone, it is well over 200,000 people that have died thus-far.From
What of the total price in damages, to a communities and even whole bloodlines of families brought to their end? Let allow, one taking into account, the cost of relief, recovery and rebuilding efforts. Then, if you are one of humble means, you cannot refute the cost to Mother Nature with the strain on our natural resources, the bio-hazards thrown upon nature via the death and destruction to a community, and the world’s indigenous people, plants, and wildlife paying the highest cost.

Please look beyond the box and find faith in the “Idea” to “Build to Flow with Nature” and not to resist it! Building “GREEN" is not good enough if the structure you build will still falter. The light House still stands where square beach houses are no more. The bolder in the field the farmer could not move and the towns sphere shaped water tower still stands where the square farmhouse and the town of square buildings are flattened.

Heed these words, “Before you build, take into account your Natural Disaster Environmental History (N.D.E.H.)” for only then do you build for a better tomorrow for all concerned which is true sustainability!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sustainability what

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, Sustainability represents (by the numbers)(my thoughts by the letter):

1. “The traditional definition of sustainability calls for policies and strategies that meet society’s present needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

A. If this is true, then why has the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) not made any real changes to mining laws when mining “Public lands (BLM Lands). They have been using these same practices since 1872, with no real revisions. Therefore, for a around $135 in federal fee on a 20 to 160 acre parcel (not including local fees), one can place a claim for rights to mine the minerals and metals within the “Public land.” The federal government has interpreted this right to supersede “All” other potential “Uses of Public Land.” Meaning the untouched Public forestland put aside for future generations by President Teddy Roosevelt, for his great grandchildren is forfeited.

In addition, the claim holder is not required to return any money to “U.S. Taxpayers” for the value of the minerals and metals extracted from their land.” (This is according to BLM). With the Taxpayer not being reimbursed for their public lands (YOUR LAND) being used but in the same breath, to say that the Taxpayers are flipped the bill for the waste cleanup on these same public lands is a travesty.
Local State Legislation is also responsible for your lose of Public lands. Alaska at least has their state residents reimburse for the oil removed from their pubic lands. Saving our land (Mother earth) and its (Her) natural resources for “future generations,” I do not see with this kind of public land laws been practice. Nothing but a cesspool do I see left for our future generations, not a untouched wilderness. Just look at the recent mines that have collapse, exploded, even flooding and now the oil spill in the Golf or Mexico. All are “Cesspools” for future generations, left by extracting the minerals and metals from our land and seas.

2. The 1970 National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) formally established as a national goal the creation and maintenance of conditions under which humans and nature can exist in “productive harmony,” and fulfill the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations of Americans.
Here, here I say, “productive harmony” is the key indeed.

B. And yet, how can one clam this and still we build to resist nature and not to follow with it. Where is Building Code change to reflect this view? To be in harmony with nature (Mother earth), you must find a way to flow together. Just as two skaters must have perfect harmony on the ice, so do we need to build in harmony with nature. If not the IBC, UBC, or Local code change, then why has not NEPA demanded change in the building codes so that “humans and nature can exist in productive harmony, and fulfill the social, economic and other requirements of present and future generations of Americans.” It is as if the NEPA is blind to “Ecological Damage” caused by natural disasters when civilized society and Mother earth collide. So many pollutants, such decay, and destruction are left in the wake of these encounters.

The NEPA should be more concerned with the local “Natural Disaster Environmental History” (N.D.E.H) of a region that a building is to be built in. If we are truly to find “productive harmony,” with Mother earth, we must build in harmony with nature and not to resist it, and in accordance with the “Natural Disaster Environmental History” of the land. Until we do ecological, economic, social, devastation will be the price we pay and the same for our “Future generations.”
Moreover, what of the ecological, economic, social, devastation done by producing these so called “Green Products.” The only “True Green Product,” are all natural and should have no waste byproduct in any way well being made or sold, not even if goes through a natural disaster.

3. The concept of sustainable development was described in a 1981 White House Council on Environmental Quality report: “The key concept here is sustainable development. If economic development is to be successful over the long term, it must proceed in a way that protects the natural resource base of developing countries.”

C. If we can not even stop our own government from selling off our Natural Resources from our Public lands (BLM land), what make you think that our government is trying to save other developing countries natural resources. Furthermore, the White House just okayed more offshore drilling for oil and the vary next week we have the worlds largest oil spill in history. Creeping up from the Golf of Mexico, the looming ecological damage emanate, as well as the death and decay to our ocean and it’s life forms (natural resource). Then there are the economical reproductions to the states (already suffering our recent economy) that boarders the cost line. Where is this sustainable development at Mister and Misses White House?

4. Over the past 30 years, the concept of sustainability has evolved to reflect perspectives of both the public and private sectors. A public policy perspective would define sustainability as the satisfaction of basic economic, social, and security needs now and in the future without undermining the natural resource base and environmental quality on which life depends. From a business perspective, the goal of sustainability is to increase long-term shareholder and social value, while decreasing industry’s use of materials and reducing negative impacts on the environment.

D. Okay let’s get this strait; there is a “Y” in the road to sustainability. One road is called public (Human) and the other is called business (Corporate), and some how these two roads are to meet back up in the end to and still have sustainability mean the same thing as when it started? When it comes to the public interest, I really don’t see any real movement. I am not saying the public is not trying to make a difference, just that the powers that be (Corporate world/UN) are making it an up hill battle.
Then I see in the business sector a dollar store mentality. With over packaging, single servings of every kind are being develop and sold, the MSG’s (and other impurities put in our food chain and harmful to the human body) in our food, running a muck, how can they claim this. Infect over 75% of rain-forest in North and South America have been cut down by US Corporations. Then the fact that the corporate world has even sterilized our seeds so a farmer no longer can replant their fields without the buying of new seed. As will as the fire-retardant in everything made that has leeched it’s way in to every living thing on earth to the point of disrupting the Killer Wales food chain and ours. How can they claim anything of the kind?
Note: Why claim a ”Green Product,” when the packaging; to be made, supplied, shipped and than disposed of, is not Green.

5. Common to both the public policy and business perspectives is recognition of the need to support a growing economy while reducing the social and economic costs of economic growth. Sustainable development can foster policies that integrate environmental, economic, and social values in decision-making. From a business perspective, sustainable development favors an approach based on capturing system dynamics, building resilient and adaptive systems, anticipating and managing variability and risk, and earning a profit.

E. As we have moved down the list by numbers, the true meaning of Sustainable has become watered down, and from save our land and natural resource been number one, we go to support a growing economy being number one. And this would not be if the “Y” in the road to “Sustainable” spreads further and further apart, with new “Y” being added to the already split road and one to many times.
Then there is the fact that by this point, the business perspectives is capturing system dynamics, building resilient and adaptive systems, anticipating and managing variability and risk, and earning a profit. Why don’t they just say the privatization of our water and other natural and unnatural resources? (Tank Girl the movie)

Sustainable development reflects not the trade-off between business and the environment but the synergy between them.

pl. syn·er·gies: The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects. Cooperative interaction among groups, especially among the acquired subsidiaries or merged parts of a corporation, that creates an enhanced combined effect. To work jointly toward a common end.

A human impact mathematical equation was developed in the 70's and is called the I PAT formula.
A × T × P = I
Where: A = Affluence, T = Technology, P = Population I = Environmental impact
If math is based on a hypothesis, then what makes this the proper way to determine our survival on our planet?

In closing I would like to ask, "Where dose Mother earth stand in all this so-called sustainable movement?" Nowhere! As we speak, indigenous people from all over the world are coming out to speak on behalf of Mother earth. Only to be told that their views and concerns for Mother earth are unfounded, and do to the face that Mother earth is not a sanctioned being, her rights and their do not matter (You can thank the UN/Corporate world for this). Well to heck with that! Mother earth is more alive then ever and about to have a heart attack do to the ill parasites of corporate world doing as they please to there own gain for so many years.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Talk about genocide by war

Talk about genocide by war, did you know that we build to “resist” nature and the word “RESIST” means “CONFLICT or WAR,” war against nature, Motherearth!
Lets just review the first four months of this year 2010. When it comes to death toll by war verses death toll by natural disaster, whom do you think wins?
According to, “A Disastrous Year: 2010 Death Toll Already Abnormally High.” Then we have CBC News ( and the Wikipedia, Haiti’s was one of the top 10 Natural Disaster in our earthly-recorded history. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) states, “The January 12, 2010, Haiti earthquake, according to official estimates, 222,570 people killed, 300,000 injured, 1.3 million displaced, 97,294 houses destroyed and 188,383 damaged in the Port-au-Prince area and in much of southern Haiti. This includes at least 4 people killed by a local tsunami in the Petit Paradis area near Leogane.”
Then we have Chile 8.8 Magnitude on February 27 2010. According to USGS, “At least 507 people killed, many injured and at least 200,000 houses damaged by the earthquake and tsunami in the Concepcion-Valparaiso area. Felt in much of Chile and Argentina. Also felt in parts of Bolivia, southern Brazil, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. A Pacific-wide tsunami was generated and caused minor damage to boats and a dock in the San Diego area, California.”
All of this on a wake of a all time high in earthquakes around the world. With the Huffington Post reporting, “XINING, China — China poured workers and equipment into a mountainous Tibetan region Thursday in a bid to find survivors more than a day after strong earthquakes killed more than 600 people and injured thousands. Local officials said 85 percent of the buildings had been destroyed.” We have to ask ourselves when is it to much, how many more lives must be lost do to the way in which structures are built today.
These are just death by earthquake, we could go in to the death toll by floods, tummies, tornados, and such but it is to sanding for me and to lengthy to read. But after all this, we still spend as humans, more money on war and choppy construction then we do trying to preserve life, land, and liberties. The Liberty to live in a clean, prosperous, and safe environment. BUILDING CODES MUST CHANGE on a GLOBAL level! One’s “Natural Disaster Environmental History”(N.D.E.H) must be taken in to account before building.
I am beseeching the Haiti and Chile leaders to do the right thing by their people and at the same time start “A New Precedence” in the world when it comes time to rebuild their lands, by “BUILDING TO FLOW WITH NATURE NOT TO RESIST IT.”

Friday, March 5, 2010

Chili, one more lesson we didn’t need to learn

Now we see Chili aftermath, the death toll rising, the ecological damage, communities crushed, economical devastation, insurance & health care problems at the braking point, and still no true outcry for reform in building codes. And yet, compared to most countries, Chili did have more codes in place then most. Unfortunately, these codes were overlooked in much of the new construction. According to news reports, there is to be an inquiry.
I must say however, that I do not think that Chili’s codes have gone far enough. Chili, like all the other countries, builds to resist nature. Resistance it not an option, we must learn to build to flow with nature not to resist it. As the rock on the beach, nature must be given the respect it deserves by being allowed to flow and not be hindered in “It’s” path. We must be like the rock on a beach, and allow nature to flow around us. We can no longer build cube forms, for they will always fail! Nature cannot flow around a cube, only “PUSH AGAINST” it, the same goes for water and earth. In some cities, the wind speeds do to “Cube” structures is overwhelming! Then you throw in nature own furry and your just asking for disaster. PLEASE stop the devastation around the world, start change, learn your local “Natural Disaster Environmental History”(N.D.E.H), promote build code change in your area!
In closing, thank you “Democracy Now” and Roger G Bilham for your input on this issue on your March-2nd show this year, it is much appreciated.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Build Green Today, Be a Bio-Hazerd Tomorrow, We need Building Code Reform

What is it going to take for my voice to be heard, for the voice's of the needlessly killed victims of natural disasters to be heard? Dose not the survivors of these victims want to be heard, for it is you I am fighting for! Whole family are being wiped off the face of the earth do to the dilemma of insufficient construction design of buildings!
Now we have to see the aftermath of another natural disasters in Haiti and the toll it has taken on a country, a city, a people, and the generations of families lost in Haiti. It seems no different then New Orleans here in the US, when it comes to death toll and devastation. And just like New Orleans, it is do to the leaders/stewards of these lands not heeding the warning of past experiences, or you could say the Natural Disaster Environmental History (N.D.E.H) of the land they govern over. Because of this, the strain on our worlds natural resources and environment is worsened, with relief efforts, the construction material to rebuild, and the ecological damage as well as the annihilation of a community of humans, animals, and insects as will as fish, birds and plants.
Our planet has never been asleep, and she is do to stretch her arms here soon according to some. We can no longer afford to build against nature, for we will never win! Resistance is futile!
Wait one minute,look at the word Resistance. Everything we build must be wind resistance, water resistance and so on. Now if you look up the meaning of the word resistance you will find that all of them deal in conflict (witch by the way, is one of said definitions), do we really want War? We must learn to build to flow with nature not resist it, for it is a battle we will never win! Are the mistakes of the many worth the lives of the few? For it has been far to many!
The corporate world and government leaders are our executioners, for they only care about money and power, not the earth or her people.
Throughout my years in construction, I have found that the Architectural, Construction, and Lumber/Hardware industry, are nothing more then ambulance chasers, feeding off the misfortunes of others. And let us not forget their bedfellows, the U.B.C. (United Building Codes), I.B.C. (International Building Codes), and Local City, County and State Codes, whom have not made any real change in code to preserve or protect the people, land, animals or resources they govern over.
On Wednesday Jan. 20th 2010, I was listening to a Bioneers broadcast on KYRS Thinair radio here in Spokane WA and heard a lecture by Paul Hawken, about saving the earth, and how we can all do our part. Now I have nothing against Paul Hawken or the Bioneers, yet I can not help to ask were is their creams of outrage when it comes to the needless death and destruction do to inadequate building design based on no code reforms. Most of all, were dose the Insurance Companies stand in all this, for it has brought on a rise in all insurance cost across the board. To the point people can't afford to pay so for it, so now our government is trying to take it over too! And this whole time it is their inability to act that has brought us here.
Am I the only one calling out for change? Am I the only one that feels the folks in charge of codes should be held accountable for their inability to act on the planets or our behalf? In ancient Egypt, if someone died do to your choppy construction methods, you were put to death. This is not saying we need to kill anyone (for far to many have died already), but someone should be held accountable and pay for the death and destruction left behind by their inaction!
In-closing, like I have said before, “Why build green, if the structure you build will be a bio-hazard tomorrow!” Furthermore, if the material you use to build green, pollutes the earth in order to make them, why use them? Sometimes two rights can make a wrong, this is one of them! To truly Build Green we must learn to "Build to flow with nature not resist it!"

Monday, January 18, 2010

“HAITI” I want to save LIVES!

“HAITI” Once again we see the needless destruction and countless lives lost do to buildings being inadequately built for the environment they preside in.
Haitian Interior Minister, Paul Antoine Bien-Aime can make a change right now and rebuild his country to “Flow with Nature not resist it!” Far to long the powers that be around the world (this includes the US) have not truly cared for the citizen they govern over when it comes to Building Codes and the Architectural Industry.
We must force for change! We the People of the World, must all come together as one voice and make change. We cannot wait any longer for “Our” leaders to stare caring. Year after year, to see the death and wreckage of their inability to act on our behalf. We were not meant to be a throwaway society. We were once stewards of this great land we call Earth, now we are no more then termite in the house of God(call him by the name you know and love) / Mother earth. Change is a must, please help me help you, so we may all see a better tomorrow.
P.S. My Liphe Podds could be helping in rescue relief for those stranded by water.