To stop the Devastation around the world because of the building design practices is my Mission! For the true way for Preservation to be workable, is to stop the Devastation we create through these practices. Case in point, the antonym of Devastation is Preservation! Stop the Devastation of our communities and start Preserving them, Build to Flow with Nature not Resist "IT"!

To be or not to be

To be or not to be
Again & again

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

2010 is Deadly, Haiti, Chile, Turkey, earthquake and China drought/dust storms, Uganda landslide, Salang avalanches,Pakistan floods and the list goes on.

The death toll is still rising, communities obliterated, even more displaced lives, local natural resources tainted, bio-hazard created, wildlife devastation. Where are the stewards of our great land, our planet, of Mother Earth? We need to make building code change worldwide now! The Natural Disaster Environmental History (N.D.E.H.) of a region must be taken into account before one builds anew. That is why I am proposing a New Building Code for the International Building Codes (IBC) called the Natural Disaster Environmental History Code (N.D.E.H.C.).

The Natural Disaster Environmental History Code (N.D.E.H.C.) would state;

General. This code is to apply to all Structural Engineering Design Provisions and all materials there in. As well as the exterior materials, window, doors, et cetera.

Definition. Natural disasters are natural, they have been happening for millions of years. When designing, the natural disaster history of the region for where the structure is to be built is relative and must be taken in to account before a new structure is built. Meaning, any new structure regardless of use is to meet this code.

Reasoning. Nature cannot flow around a flat surface. A square is not wind, water, fire, or earth dynamic. A square structure impends the flow of nature and therefore will succumb to its fury. Where as spheres, cylinders, pyramids, eggs, cones, shells, and teardrop structures in nature and in modern society, allows nature and its fury to flow around, over, under or though, with no real resists.

Design. With natural disasters such as, flash floods, mud slides, wildfires, tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanoes bearing down on us we need to build to flow with nature like other living species on this earth have learned to do. Thereby, the structure is design to flow with nature not to resist it. Wind, water, mud, fire must be able to flow under, over and around the structure without hindering its flow. Cities and towns must be designed to allow water, wind, fire and magma to flow under, over or around it. None shall impend the natural flow of nature.

Concept. Build to flow with nature not to resist it, for to resist nature is to oppose nature. Moreover, to oppose nature is to be in conflict with nature. To be in conflict with nature is same as to be at war with nature. A building or any other structure should be designed to flow with nature not to resist nature, if not all you have is a war shelter for nature never sleeps and thereby is always at war.

War is not an option when the human race and all life on earth is concerned. We have all the technology to go to the moon, send probes deep in to space, build guided missiles, and un-manned drowns to kill but we can’t even mandate new codes for tornado alley? Why is it that a leader can mandate some things but others are forever lost in the bureaucratic red tape? If it was mandated that all new construction of any type of structure comply with the Natural Disaster Environmental History Code (N.D.E.H.C.), the obliteration of communities, it’s people and the environment that encompasses it, would become but a trickle, compared to the floodgates opened wide right now and for the last 30 odd years! The International Building Codes (IBC), by passing this new code restriction, would find even a larger roll in the “Sustainability / Build Green” movement in our world and at the same time save lives.

If I could do anything to help our world, it would be to bring this building code change. Yes, I would love to use this site to promote building design ideas but that is not why I started this site! It is and always will be to save live, land, and our natural resources through building code improvement. The only way that change can be accomplished is to distinguish the natural disaster environmental history for the region one is to build. This information is readily available to any who seek it right on the net. The world and it’s inhabitance can not afford to wait.

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