To stop the Devastation around the world because of the building design practices is my Mission! For the true way for Preservation to be workable, is to stop the Devastation we create through these practices. Case in point, the antonym of Devastation is Preservation! Stop the Devastation of our communities and start Preserving them, Build to Flow with Nature not Resist "IT"!

To be or not to be

To be or not to be
Again & again

Thursday, August 23, 2012

How do you think a underground shelter will fair here?
2/3 of our planet is water and the icecaps are melting,
we must think different by looking to nature for true design. 

Here we see the truth of underground shelters. I stress to you all to LOOK hard at the world around you. You cannot call it a shelter if it does not truly shelter you from nature’s natural flow, whether it is sun, rain, snow, tornado, flood, hurricane, earthquake, tsunami, etc. 
Just think of it this way, NATURE disasters are a NATURAL occurrence in our world, so how come it is called a disaster? Would it be because everything built in our world is built to RESIST NATURE? To resist nature is to be at war with nature. We must instead learn to build to flow with nature and not to resist it.
Now I would like to put forth a challenge to the academic community on testing the theories presented within this Blog. Please try to prove me wrong! I say Building code change is the key to true green building design and the sustainability we so desperately need.  This new building code is the Natural Disaster Environmental History Code (N.D.E.H. Code).  Read up, ponder, study, learn, change is needed.

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