To stop the Devastation around the world because of the building design practices is my Mission! For the true way for Preservation to be workable, is to stop the Devastation we create through these practices. Case in point, the antonym of Devastation is Preservation! Stop the Devastation of our communities and start Preserving them, Build to Flow with Nature not Resist "IT"!

To be or not to be

To be or not to be
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Logical Thinking in Architecture

It would stand to reason that folks of this here United States and the World would see the flaws in Architectural Design in our so-called industrial society. Yet in many ways have a blind trust in the local governing body to insure ones safety.  Truly though, let us look at the faces:

1. Natural Disasters are Natural so why are they a disaster? Building Codes?
2. Your home IS NOT your shelter, for you are forced to evacuate when nature calls.
3. Year after year folks are boarding up and/or rebuilding their community with no code change.
4. Think how much more you are paying every year for building supplies do to the “Business as usual” of board-up/tear down/rebuild mentality of the modern engineering & architectural communities.
5. There has been an outcry to reduce the strain on our Natural Resources, yet  each time a natural disaster strikes our Natural Resources are put to the test.
6. Insurance cost across the board have been on the rise over the last 30 yrs doto communities being wiped out by what comes from nature, “NATURES NATURAL FLOW”.
7. Then there is on average 300,000 people killed each year and 900,000 displaced due to the lack in structural design and its ability to be sustainability lasting structures.
8.What of the fact, that every time you are asked to evacuate your communities, you stand the chance that the Local or Federal Governing bodies could seize your land and you will never be allowed to return to your homes or communities.
9. When talking of sustainability and building green, if a structure is not sustainable in of itself is it truly sustainable or green when you must evacuate it tomorrow?

Folks say we live it the modern age yet we still build Byzantine, Roman, Gothic, cubical structure that have never and will never protect our highways, byways, communities, businesses, and homes. As it stands, all building codes fall under what is known as a Resistance Rating or R rating. This “R” rating interprets how well the structure and it components can resist the earth’s natural flow. The resistance to the “Load Bearing” force (R rating) of the natural elements and the earth is the building code way. Yet how can this truly lead to sustainability in our world when in reality we build to be in conflict with the natural elements and the earth by building to resist. The word itself means “To be in conflict or war with,” is this how the other creatures of our world live? Or do they build their homes to flow with nature and at the same time reek the benefits of nature’s natural flow.

Now, let us look at building codes and said materials for ways in which we can build to flow with the natures natural elements and the earth. In saying this, let us now consider a new form of rating system, a Flow Rating or “FR” rating. What is Flow Rating code all about? It is about designing “All New Structures” to flow with the natural elements of nature and the earth. Hence, we can start this first by retrofit any structure we can with a saddleback foundation system. For as long as the structure is tethered to the earth it will sarcoma to its movement by being pulled and twisted by the same earth it is tether to. Looking for an alternative we will look to the incredible eatable egg for an example, but not to eat. Hypothetically, thinking of an egg cut it in half on its side as a basement (attached to home) and also as a sub-basement (saddleback foundation system-attached, to earth), being properly counter balanced the structure would be free of the force of the earth to move and shift during an earthquake.

Also with the egg/oval let us think new home. With the egg or oval shape for a home or other structure we see that one can create a form of sustainable living. The outer part of the structure can be wrapped with water & solar collectors as well as having ways to harness the wind/air. This home can be ideal for all natural environments and the elements there in.

(Not to scale)

First level is to be filled in to the Second level for a year round yard & garden with miniature fruit trees and/or pond if one likes and here is where the bathroom should be. Third level is to be living room, dining room, kitchen, etc. The forth level is bedrooms and bathroom. All gray water piped in the outer walls down to second level garden area. If we can ultimately eliminate ALL external connections pips and wires the structure truly becomes sustainable & green way of life. As long as the home is hooked up in any way to gas, water or power the saddleback foundation system is the safest way to do so. Seeing that the home is to be cradled in a saddleback foundation, a quick release/shutoff valve system for these lines is the answer to gas leak/explosion, water leak/lack of water pressure, and down lines, & the shutdown of grids where services are still need.

Furthermore, this structure has the ability to be buoyant & tethered during floods (clean-out saddleback foundation system & reconnect), tornadoes cannot rip it apart & if it is equipped with foundation lock-down unit the structure would remain connected to the saddleback foundation (unless flood, where it can be released), with the tsunamis, nether the in-going & outgoing tide or the debris therein would be a real threat to the structure. Then with earthquakes this structural design can allow the earth to move freely under the structure so as not to have the structure crack or fail. This design can also be tailored to withstand armed threats all while providing a Sustainable green building that can be 100% free of outside means of survival. In saying this, think of this home in Alaska, this structure is ideal for the cold climate and being snowed in as well as the extreme heat zones for water loss.

On the corporate or business side of things and lost revenue, a service is still needed of upkeep to all equipment in the structure. There is no reason why these services could not be mandated the soul responsibility of the utility companies and at the same time they can profit from the runoff or overload of each unit. The utility companies’ chance of making even more money than they are now is inevitable.

In closing, when looking for a true sustainable future in architecture, we need to look to NATURE for the answers. An egg was just one example of nature’s way to live safe from the elements, you can also look at all the types of sea shells for another good example. Let us put SHELTER back in to the meaning of HOME for your home should be your shelter. Evacuation is not the answer to the preservation of our communities.
*For further information on build code reform go to or just read on! Thank you sincerely, StonewallMary 


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