To stop the Devastation around the world because of the building design practices is my Mission! For the true way for Preservation to be workable, is to stop the Devastation we create through these practices. Case in point, the antonym of Devastation is Preservation! Stop the Devastation of our communities and start Preserving them, Build to Flow with Nature not Resist "IT"!

To be or not to be

To be or not to be
Again & again

Monday, October 26, 2015

I ask you “THE WORLD PEOPLE”, Will you Rebuild to LIVE or once again to Crumble and Decay?

At this juncture, this writer feels life is becoming too short, and worries if the message of life will reach the people of this world in time.
The extreme weather or lack thereof, around the globe has become relentless. We have severe droughts in over 50% of world, around 37% severe precipitation with rain, snow, or hail overwhelming the tributaries, and storms of all elements at an all time high, we need hero’s to step up.
As one reviews the so called “Weather Forecasting Channels”, you would think “Meteorologist” would be on the forefront of “Demanding Building Code Reform”. Meteorologist sees firsthand the devastation as a result of “Inadequate Building Codes.” We must ask “Why haven’t they made it a point to change this disconcerting outcome?” Where a person’s home is no longer a shelter, their natural rights of prosperity, property, and sovereignty swept away in one deadly swoop. Entire family tree whipped off the face of the earth and Meteorologist want to talk about the wind direction at the Cubs Baseball Game. Where is their Humanity? Meteorologist are more about looking good then saving lives. Looking good on camera, as a forecaster, as a hero that warns us/reminds us our lives are not our own, that is all a Meteorologist is for us. When our $350,000 new home is built of twigs, insurance companies, FEMA, UN, Red Cross, the National Guard and the Government have more Rights than we do when it comes to getting our lives back. Why do we fight to get back what we already had and should have never lost in the first place if our “Inherent Natural Rights” meant anything?
Meteorologist were at one time, folks that worked to protect our communities, now they only warn our communities, and walk through the aftermath time and time again, without a word of outrage.

This writer is not one to sit ideal and twiddle ones thumbs. Studying natures natural signs anyone can be an amateur Meteorologist, I have done this for over 30 years and I will tell you what I see;

 On average as of late, 150,000 (seen up to 300,000) killed a year and 300,000 (seen up to 900,000) are displaced due to inadequate structural designs and nature’s natural flow. Us as humans, it is hard to understand that things like tectonic plants shifting (Continental Expansion, coined by Stonewall Mary), volcanoes, tsunamis, tornados, hurricanes, typhoons, mudslides, wildfires, floods, drought and even solar flares are all part of natures natural flow on our plant. So we need to take this into account when we build. hence the “Natural Disaster Environmental History Codes (NDEH Code)” are being developed. And when  For when it comes to ones “Inherent Natural Rights” (to me our Inherent Unalienable Natural Rights, for only then is our Freewill intact), the “Inherent Constitutional Building Codes (ICB Code)” addresses how building codes should protect the water, land and air around us as well as the structures we live and work  in.
What I am proposing in the NDEH and ICB Codes would;

1.Insurance cost across the board, by reducing the vulnerability of our communities to natures natural flow.
2.The cost and the strain on our natural resources, with no more demand to “Board up, Tear down, Rebuild”, our natural resources that can replenish can (like trees) and those that can’t  (like cement) will not be nearly as in demand, where things such as plastics, uranium, coal and others will be deemed Unconstitutional for all “Endangers one Sovereign Rights to Life, Land, and Prosperity.”
3.Carbon emissions as a result of Construction, Demolition, Rescue and Rebuilding, which as of late accounts for almost 35% of world’s emissions (Mining/delivery/processing/distribution of iron, copper, aluminum, lime,  rock, sand, coal, rubber, cement, and wood included in these estimations’ for all are raw construction material)
4.Carbon emissions from “Building Operations” whereas structures today account for around 40% of carbon emissions, new structural code designs proposed would instead be self-sufficient in of themselves, most not needing outside power, water, or piped in air. (Note, car emission of just your average person to and from work around the world in less than 15% of all emissions so why are they on you and not on the real polluters? Money?)
5.Loss of life, famine, Drought, prolong illnesses due to the aftermath of weather phenomenon’s or lack thereof (Like flash floods in spring only to have drought later in the summer bringing famine, for with the “Saddleback” foundation in place, the flood water can be collected in manmade aquifer for later use in summer)
6.ECO disasters as a result of human intervention in a Nature Weather Occurrence, with all the manmade refuge that covers the land after a storm or natural weather phenomenon.

1.The building of slums/projects for a community in decay is a community forgotten and not of a sustainable community design no matter where you find them in the world.
2.The “Throw-away” society created after WWII, whereas all non-accentual plastic products (accentual like ones needed to support life as in medical products not readily available made out of another materials) and packaging would be phased out, any that remains follows the three “R’s”, Recycle, Reuse, Return. Meaning all manmade products at end of use must be able ether to be recycled for new products needed, reusable like a jug that can be refilled or returned from which it came like raw waste into compost.
3.All uranium mining, processing, production, distribution and use of, as all jeopardizes our Inherent Natural Rights to life at every level.
4.Off shore drilling for any oil or gas, as drilling in open bodies of Public Waters endangers the Public safety and their right to future prosperity and their Inherent Natural Rights.
5.GMO’s as they are genetically unsound and unnatural, with cross pollination contaminating to organic plants, and Honey Hives (For the pink goo seen in GMO corn when left uncooked is the same pink goo seen in honey bee hives that are rotting/dying)
6.New Home construction loss due to weather phenomenon.
7.The highway robbery and sell off of public recourse.
8.The complete eradication of entire bloodline off the face of the earth.
9.The FEMA, RED CROSS, Government intervention in our communities on a yearly bases.
10.Price gouging before, during and after disaster.

1.Waste tax, where every Country, and its Providence/State, City/Town calculates the cost for the three “R’s”, This includes all packaging, batteries usage for the life of item, so on and so forth.
2.That all batteries must be rechargeable and recyclable.
3.Tax credits give to both privet citizen and business for every pound of recycling.
4.Bounty to be placed on ALL illegal dumping of any kind.
5.Bounty for any and all dumped waste found in the Natural Environment, water, land, air and space. Like the whirlpools of trash in the open water of the sea can be cordon-off and TAGS be issued for out of work fishermen to clean the trash out of the sea being paid for every pound brought ashore, well the out of work fish plants can sort through for distribution to proper disposal or recycling facility.
6.A payback system of public resources, and a percentage of profits to be given back to the community from which the resource came of 33% of all profit in future authorization of removal of public assists.
7.Indigenous People laws that put all National, State Park and Public lands in the hands of those that still follow the Law of “Stewardship”, so they may safeguard our future environment for generations to come.
8.A pay your tax at home shift in the tax codes, where you are encouraged to donate your tax for the year to non-profits, volunteer Fire Fighters, Animal Protection Society, extra, as to insure your communities future stability and growth and reduce the codependent corrupt/blackmailing Relationship between Government and State/Providence so the people may become self-sufficient in their own right and in their community, thereby in their sovereign right. .
9.A proper price index to eliminate price gouging, where price could not exceed the index price.
10.A World Wide Minimum Wage (WWMW) to insure all concerned receive a “Living Wage” (this would enclosed Government aid and Veterans benefit  checks to meet a living wage standard).

These are just the tip of the iceberg when considering some of the incompact of our “Inherent Natural Rights” and “Natural Law” will have on our way of life and to bring forth a “Truly Sustainable Future” for all. More shall be forthcoming in later articles or by request. I am at your service, please submit all question via IM (Instant Messaging) on Facebook, my account is in the left coulomb near the bottom.

In closeting, it needs to be understood that as I sit here watching the weather forecasting channels once again I find myself sickened how Meteorologist can just smile and stand there “Reporting on the weather” as there are people’s lives being completely swept away in South America, Taxes, New Orleans, and other parts of the world and that’s suppose to makes it all better and make us feel safe, Bull SH*T. As a human being actually observing the world around me and not leaving it to other I have developed the ICB and NDEH Codes (Works in progress) and are a result of one CHILD’S outrage that has become a grandmother’s quest, for I began this journey at 5 years old and now at 50 with grandchildren, reading, researching, working, building, teaching others, is my life.  If one was to ask how did this journey start, I would say it started with Building Codes that lead to history, that lead to Constitutional Law, that lead to Contract Law, that lead to Natural Law and our “Inherent Natural Fights” as a Living Being and thereby Natures Rights. We all have a need to live, who do you believe will insure this? I couldn’t answer this question so I became the Answer to the question, for back in 1970 I didn’t see anyone’s outcry for all the death and decay in tornado alley or the Hawaiian Islands, or the oil spills to the north. As it is the Exxon Alaskan Oil Spill Victims’ on average just barley received their checks 6 years ago and most were written out to the amount of $0.00 for it was never about what was right, right by the people, right for the land, only the bottom dollar. Just like a Meteorologist and their pay check, the people are worth more in struggle not bliss, for when demand is high, prices can be razed to suit the “Market” not the People. We need to unweave the tapestry of deceit by overturning all case law that has removed any of these rights and weave back the tapestry of Natural Law of the land and its people, I am ready are you?