To stop the Devastation around the world because of the building design practices is my Mission! For the true way for Preservation to be workable, is to stop the Devastation we create through these practices. Case in point, the antonym of Devastation is Preservation! Stop the Devastation of our communities and start Preserving them, Build to Flow with Nature not Resist "IT"!

To be or not to be

To be or not to be
Again & again

Sunday, June 19, 2016


Today is my 51st and I am 46 yrs into a Life's Mission to bring the word SHELTER back in our home and Community.. So please take this to heart...This, my life has been "One Big Miracle!" On this day a baby girl was born breach/dead to the armpits, yet Dr. oncall learn a way to save a child like me in Africa (where he just returned from), I lived, then told this child is 100% mentally Retarded, never learn to walk, read, and school/college was out of the question.. blind in one eye, taken out of school in 1st and put to work all while traveling to all the lower 48...nested on a MT, off grid, at 7, learning pastoral Construction till 17yrs (14yrs old 1/2 7th grade then 1/2 of 8th, 1/2 of 9th and 10th), where I was now on my own, so put myself in school and graduated, working construction (5'-5", 117lbs) became foreman by 18 1/2...Rod Busting Foreman by 26...20+ yrs in SSI... whet back to school SCC Spokane WA (3.2 GPA AAS Arch) and personal studies over the last 30 yrs in Constitutional Law, Constitutional History, Contract Law History, American History, & Case Law. Looking to Law School....So this is a LIFE TIME'S worth of research!
Look past the typos, the dyslexia, the grammar of witch, which is wich...and look at the body of work for one that has come so far to only help the world they LOVE! Thank you.....Stonewall Mary, Stonie, Mary Katherine Butler
Here are the LAWS needed to achieve your quest...(I am not an Attorney, I Am a Historian on Natural Law, Constitutional Law, US History and Contract and Business Law, Building Codes History.... (Where they all intersect is how I have found the answers of a 45+ years personal quest I took on at age 5, "How to put the word Shelter back into our homes and communities?")
Climate Change wouldn't even be a Discussion if OUR Inherent Natural Rights had been observed from the being...
"The U.S. Supreme Court case, Chisholm v. Georgia, of (1793), closed the Federal courts of suits instituted against a state by citizens of another state or citizen or subject of a foreign state. and gave birth to both the Neutrality Act and the 11th Amendment.
As a result your "Unalienable Inherent Natural Rights, among these are Life, Liberty, Sovereignty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" were striped from the record in theory."
Okay this is how it is suppose to be, Federal government and troops are only to write and uphold laws/legislation that PROTECTS A STATE'S SOVEREIGN RIGHTS from another State's actions, the State government is only to write and uphold laws/legislation that Protect a County's/Providence's sovereign rights from another County's/Providence's actions and County/Providence is only to write and hold laws/legislation that protect a city or town sovereign rights from another City's or Town's actions and finally a City/Town is only to write laws/legislation that protect the citizen's sovereign rights from another citizen's actions. So the local police are only to uphold and protect the citizen not the Ruling Party. Fracking, waste by products, oil rigs, synthetic drugs, square structures, all jeopardize your Sovereignty!
"1) A true Representative of the people, to some of “My Fellow Americans,” is one that represents all of the people of His or Hers City, County, State and Country. A person wishing to be President, should in body this way of thinking when running for office. The only way this can truly be done in some people’s eyes is for the President not to belong to any one party. For how can you truly represent all the people if you only represent one side of the parties? You can’t! This, in the long run, can destroy even the best of Nations, just ask, Idealism! To continue this way is only going to divide this Great Nation even more than it already is, and that’s not good. Our President when asked what party does He or She represent, should state, “I am not Republican, Democratic, or Independent, I am none of the above for I am For the People, By the People, With the People and I will Not Elevate myself Above the People, for I am SUBSERVIENT to the needs of All the People of this Great Land and will not sway to any one parties favor, for my job is to represent the people, Not The Parties They Belong To!”. Our Nation is like a great crystal (eclectic) with many facets and like a crystal, if you only see one facet of a crystal, you will never see its true beauty, America, is “A Nation Of Nations.”
2) Citizenship, is not a right or a privilege, it’s a responsibility to your countrymen and Your Constitution not your government. We were a people before we were a country. It is called patriotism not governmentism. We were given the right to disband our government, our government dose not have the right disband us!
3) When asking “What does the government owe to society?” Sharswood* put it best in saying, “The impartial administration of equal & just laws, which insure the security of life, liberty, and property.” *Owen’s Law Quizzer pg713, 5th Edition, 1898 By Wilber A. Owen,
4) There is implied Inherent Constitutional Building Code (ICB Code) within any People's Constitution that is based off our Inherent Natural Rights as Mankind. It would and should cover ANYTHING man-made, so as to assure True Sustainability, Equality, Sovereignty, all while TRULY Building to a GREEN Future! Here I am applying it to Building Code Reform." (Stonewall Mary)
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