To stop the Devastation around the world because of the building design practices is my Mission! For the true way for Preservation to be workable, is to stop the Devastation we create through these practices. Case in point, the antonym of Devastation is Preservation! Stop the Devastation of our communities and start Preserving them, Build to Flow with Nature not Resist "IT"!

To be or not to be

To be or not to be
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Friday, December 25, 2009

Life or death, Building Codes are meant to save Lives

Over the last 37 yrs I have worked in and out of the construction industry, lived in or visited at some point all the lower 48 states in the US as well as the US Virgin Islands, east and west Canada & Mexico and Navasota. Throughout this experience I have see and heard many thing and learned much from all. However, one thing has range true throughout, the lack of Building Code Revisions.
Year after year we see tornadoes devastate the central part of the United States. We continue to live in fear along coastal areas and riverbanks. Avalanches of snow and mud are still wiping out whole villages. Volcanoes are still not being taken seriously in the lines of fortification. We must also speak of landslides coming down on to homes or coming out from underneath the homes, for where was the building codes when these building were built?
While living on the coast of Maine, I began to ask myself where was the I.B.C., U.B.C. and local code. Why are codes being implemented for these earthquakes and not for Tsunamis, Floods, Tornadoes, Avalanches of Snow, Volcanoes, and Landslides?
Then in the year 2000, I attended Spokane Community College in Spokane Washington, were I received my A.A.S. Degree in Architecture. So now I am ready to step up and do something myself. In order to make change one must be willing to stand up for what one believes in, even if ridiculed, stay firm, and have no reservation.
For I truly believe that I can and will make a difference when it comes to saving lives. I am a solution finder, a problem salver, perseverance is my name, and common since is my game. Code change makes good since!

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