To stop the Devastation around the world because of the building design practices is my Mission! For the true way for Preservation to be workable, is to stop the Devastation we create through these practices. Case in point, the antonym of Devastation is Preservation! Stop the Devastation of our communities and start Preserving them, Build to Flow with Nature not Resist "IT"!

To be or not to be

To be or not to be
Again & again

Friday, December 4, 2009

Say it isn’t so.

How long have you lived in the state or town your in? Do you watch the telly(TV)? What do you see? For me, I see year after year needless destruction of our communities. Then the state, town & city officials disregard the ill constructed commercial, industrial, and residential buildings after all is lost. Consequently, they okay new construction in the same old structural designs! Only to find them selves once again pleading the Federal Government for relief money do to a catastrophe. Over and over and over again, like the three little pig in straw and stick homes! I just wish they would listen to me, for the wolf is coming once again to blow it all down.

Who pays for it in the end? You do! In your home, health, and business insurance; through local, state and Federal taxes; loss of family and friends; personal and family heirlooms; local economy (like New Orleans); in new construction cost; and much much more!
I have the answers! I just need a good team of three Architects and two Engineers. I can bring change, for I believe in change! ARCH.E.S.D.T.™

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