To stop the Devastation around the world because of the building design practices is my Mission! For the true way for Preservation to be workable, is to stop the Devastation we create through these practices. Case in point, the antonym of Devastation is Preservation! Stop the Devastation of our communities and start Preserving them, Build to Flow with Nature not Resist "IT"!

To be or not to be

To be or not to be
Again & again

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Who's really in charge in your town when it comes to new development?

What of our City’s Planning Boards? Do they not care that what they okay to be built today could be gone tomorrow do to insufficient structural designs being used thus far. Lute alone the chipboard shit-board track-homes being built all over the US. The over build alone has cost local economy more then they can afford, with foreign investor reeking the rewards. Furthermore, the life of these homes is 10 yrs on average, with bowing & warping of the poor quality construction material.

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